April 20, 2017- St. Louis Post-Dispatch- by Jacob Barker

“Laclede’s Landing revival with 100 new jobs, building turned into new apartments”

Metro transit’s former HQ in Laclede’s Landing is slated to be converted into 26 new apartments and offices for hundreds of new workers that a marketing agency next door plans to add.

Advantes plans to put 26 apartments into the rehabbed, century-old warehouse. The building at 707 N. First Street will also include three floors of office that Abstrakt Marketing Group plans to use. The street level of the building will be converted to a mix of retail and office suites. This project is to be completed by the end of the year.

Abstrakt was founded in 2009 and offers a range of marketing services with a special emphasis on lead generation. Abstrakt, which currently employs about 200 people next door at Raeder Place, plans to grow to near 300 people by the end of the year. “We’re 100 % out of St. Louis right now, which is why we’re growing on the Landing” Melanie Clark said. “We don’t want to go anywhere. We just want to take up a little more space.”

Laclede’s Landing Buildings Available FOR SALE or LEASE

716 N. First Street
3 Levels-Total Sq. Footage- 11,307, Available- 11,307- Kitchen with vent system available
Contact Ben Cherry @ 314-647-6611

720 N. First Street – First Street Ironworks-1890
4 Levels- Total SQ. Footage 17,200, available 17,200 – Restaurant with full kitchen/vent system, office space, event space, & beer hall
Contact Vince Chamov @ 314-305-5156

719-727 N. First Street-Raeder Place-1873
6 Levels- Total Sq. Footage-97,815, Available-5,200
Contact Jan Sandweiss @ 314-726-0000

800-804 N. First Street-Cherrick Building- 1894
4 Levels-Total Sq. Footage-27,712, Available-14,940
Contact- Sharilyn Franklin@314-421-4040 ext. 101

618-624 N. Second Street-Greeley Building-1880
6- Levels-Total Sq. Footage-64,452, Available for Sale
Contact- Dave Jump @ 618-337-8877

700 N. Second Street-Hoffman Brothers Produce Building- 1880
6 Levels- Total Sq. Footage-39,324- Available for Sale
Contact- Dave Jump @ 618-337-8877

704-710 N. Second Street-Old Judge Coffee Building-1844
6 Levels- Total Sq. Footage-53,754-Available 1,300 + 7000 sq. ft. restaurant space with kitchen and vent system
Contact Ben Cherry @314-647-6611

707 N. Second Street-Witte Hardware Building- 1905
6 Levels- Total Sq. Footage-42,029, Available 32,336 include kitchen with vent system
Contact Tom Milford @ 314-587-2509

712-714 N. Second Street- Cast Iron Building- 1855
4 Levels- Total Sq. Footage-24,648, Available- 7,762, Street level retail space available
Contact Ben Cherry @314-647-6611

801-805 N. Second Street, The Trader’s Building-1850
4 Levels- Total Sq. Footage 36,624, Available 9,156- Street Level- retail or kitchen with vent system
Contact- Dan Mcguire @ 314-241-0600