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Newly Renovated 2nd Street Now Open to Traffic! Come Down and See the Improvements!

Workers placing the last cobblestone while finishing up Laclede's Landing renovations

Workers placing the last cobblestone while finishing up Laclede’s Landing renovations

If you haven’t been down to the Landing in a while, you should really come down soon and check it out!

The 2nd Street renovations are just about complete, and 2nd street of Laclede’s Landing has once again been opened to vehicle traffic.

  • Newly-placed Cobblestones – Much more smooth than before!
  • New sidewalks with brick decorations
  • New easy to walk on Crosswalks
  • New Curbs with gutters
  • New Sewers where there was none
  • New Landing access road

We think that everyone will love the changes taking place right now on Laclede’s Landing!

Come on down and check it out! You will be amazed at the positive changes on the Landing!

About Laclede's Landing

Laclede's Landing is St. Louis' oldest district -- the point from which the rest of the city rose. As it exists today, the Landing (as it's known locally) is made up of truly unique restaurants, bars and street level shops inside the district's century-old buildings.